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Ingredients: Red Chilly, Sugar, Salt, Cardamom, Mango, Clove, Coriander, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper. 80 grams spices in a Jar. Tastebud spice powder is characterized by its enveloping sense of comfort, combining spices traditionally noted for their warmth into one cozy experience. Woodsy and earthy with fragrant clove, black pepper and pungent with the musky lemon of cardamom and a dash of hotness through the red chili.  TasteBud gets its unique flavor from a dash of mango powder and sugar mixed to give a very unique flavor of fruity sweetness that lingers for a while in your mouth. Bright coriander dances around the top notes of this blend with its gentle touches of citrus coriander, rounding out the deeper flavors from the other spices. This blend has none of the fiery spice that is often associated with curry powder; rather, it is sweet and inviting, and packed with flavor from top to bottom.